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About EdgeNet

EdgeNet, the globally distributed edge cloud for Internet researchers, is based on industry-standard Cloud software, using Docker for containerization and Kubernetes for deployment and node management. If you know how to deploy containers with Kubernetes, you know how to use EdgeNet; we welcome you to register for a free account today. Anyone who wishes to do so may contribute an EdgeNet node – it just takes five minutes – and thereby support the not-for-profit research that is conducted on the platform.

The EdgeNet Team

EdgeNet is overseen by Rick McGeer, Timur Friedman, Olivier Fourmaux, and Justin Cappos, and is a joint project of US Ignite, the LIP6 lab at Sorbonne University, the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, the Swarm Lab at UC Berkeley, the Computer Science department at the University of Victoria, the University of Vienna, and Cslash.

The lead developer is Berat Senel, and Maxime Mouchet and Ciro Scognamiglio are principal members of the development team.

The EdgeNet control plane is operated by the Dioptra group at Sorbonne University, which also runs PlanetLab Europe. If you need help with EdgeNet, kindly contact us at

Publications Citing EdgeNet

If you have used the EdgeNet platform to conduct research, please email us about your publications that cite EdgeNet and we will add them to this list.

Monitoring an anonymity network: Toward the deanonymization of hidden services
M. Simionia, P. Gladysheva, B. Habibniaa, and P. R. N. de Souzac

The EdgeNet Architecture

EdgeNet is implemented as a set of Kubernetes extensions based on custom resources. The EdgeNet source code is freely available on GitHub, and the EdgeNet architecture is described in several scientific papers that are available via HAL.

EdgeNet’s GitHub Repository EdgeNet’s publications on HAL


EdgeNet is supported by a VMware charitable donation to the Sorbonne University Foundation, and also receives support through a cybersecurity grant from the French Ministry of Armed Forces. It participates in the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 funding program through the Fed4FIRE+ project and, recently, through the project. The initial funding for EdgeNet came from a US National Science Foundation EAGER grant under contract CNS-1820901.

EdgeNet nodes are supported by funding from the US National Science Foundation’s CloudBank initiative, and through hardware made available by the US GENI and ExoGENI projects and Canada’s SAVI project. EdgeNet users and PlanetLab Europe users also contribute nodes.